Finding Purpose

Several times in his teenage life my disabled son has asked me, “What is my purpose?” His question is very individual: he is not asking about the purpose of life, he is seeking the purpose of his life. As his dad, I try to have an answer for him each time, and I try...
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When Dysfunctional is Your Normal

My son who is vision and hearing impaired, along with motor disabilities, has commented to me a number of times through his communication devices, “Dad, I just wish I was normal.”

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The Hard Work of Being Famous

He’s part of a team effort with his wife, his other children, with everyone who is involved.

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Our Mission

It is our endeavor to provide a positive, empowering resource for fathers of special needs and challenged children to help them achieve greater success in their parenting, family and personal lives.

Financial Resources

Through AMG4D partners, we offer dads of special needs children access to some of the top financial planning resources available. We understand the specific financial planning needs of the families we serve. These resources include events, articles or downloads.

Family Resources

Navigating the special needs of your child is a challenge that an entire family participates in solving. But without additional support, creative strategies, and reflection on your needs, the family as a whole can begin to struggle. We provide resources on stress and anger management, grief support, medical resources, and more.


Dads naturally desire to protect and provide for each of the members of their family. Their innate desire to independently solve problems and overcome challenges are essential to a thriving special needs family. However, these same traits can lead a father to isolate himself from his community. It is our aim to offer our dads support through Bible Study Groups, one-on-one coaching from “veteran” dads of special needs children, and resources for counseling.

Social Events

No matter where you’re at in your family’s special needs journey, connecting with people in your local community can help you in a variety of ways. AMG4D offers a wide a spectrum of events that range from activities specific to dads of special needs kids to community wide events that can create awareness and inspire a network of local support. Let us know if you would like to host a local event in your community!


~ Brian Wulf, President of  ~