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A father has just been told that his child has a debilitating disease. The initial reaction from family and friends is of support, encouragement, and prayer. But over time the support begins to wane. Financial stress begins to builld, the fatigue from sleepless nights overwhelms his marriage, and the isolation from friends and family who no longer know how to help starts to take its toll. However, this experience does not have to destroy a man. In many cases, the men who persevere become shining examples of what all men should strive to be: devout, strong, courageous, and hopeful.  AMG4D aims to be a catalyst in this transformation process by providing the resources necessary to meet the unique needs of fathers serving their special-needs kids. Please help AMG4D empower fathers toward a better future.


Families w/ Special Needs Member Lacking a Financial plan

Number of Kids with a Disability in the U.S.


Disabled Kids Labled "Severely Disabled"



2010 U.S. Census: Americans with Disaibilities 

2005 MetLife Study: The Torn Security Blanket: Children w/ Special Needs and the Planning Gap

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