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Research and Wellness Database

Medical research doubles every 73 days and is fast approaching doubling every 90 minutes1.  The Research & Wellness Database is where the big data concerning our impaired loved ones “hits the road,” transforming knowledge into action. What we live and experience with challenged family members gives us unique knowledge and understanding.  Sharing our accumulated knowledge as parents, caregivers, researchers, and educators through developing and managing data on studies involving our challenged loved ones validates our value in the community and contributes to a beneficial functional database archive.

Parent Support Groups

The health benefits of support groups are many: reduces stress, anxiety, loneliness, and isolation; improves coping skills, motivation, and empowerment while increasing understanding and knowledge from others experiences.  Support groups foster hope.

PArent Research Team

The Parent Research Team is our think tank, the place where the sciences of our collective divergent and convergent thinkers meet in workable solutions. We harnesses the power of parents to find answers through collaborative sharing of research and personal experiences with special needs loved ones. The goal of our Parent Research Team is to help bridge the gap between current research and the physician and patient, actively employing inquiry, and carrying forward research-based results.


Not only does reading reduce stress and improve critical thinking skills, it imparts knowledge that better equips us to tackle the extraordinary challenges of special needs families.  Our bookshelf contains books that families have found helpful, inspirational, and educational.

How To Research guide

The Research Guide aids in finding credible sources and gives tips on how to evaluate research papers.


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